Paul McCartney Secures His Legacy by Providing a Digital Version of Himself for 3-D Printing


If you’ve just got to get more Paul McCartney into your life (sorry), and you happen to own—or have access—to a 3-D printer, today’s your lucky day. Using the digital rendering of Macca created for his hilariously weird, kinda tacky music video for “Hope For The Future,” the totally-with-it camp for the ex-Beatle is offering a free download of his image designed to be turned into…like…a paperweight or something?

This is just the latest in Sir Paul’s inexplicable run of digital-related projects, with “Hope For The Future” coming from the Destiny video game soundtrack, and prior to that there was The Beatles: Rock Band—an obvious high point in the band’s legacy. They exclusively made music for video games, right?

You can watch a little video of the process (as well as download the gigantic 3-D file) on McCartney’s site, but if you’re a busy twenty-first century futuristic person like us, you can just check it out in gif form below via The Creators Project.


(via GQ)


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