Elohim’s Summer Jams Playlist

Ahead of her appearance at Hangout Fest later this month, the electropop songwriter shares 10 tracks she’ll have on repeat in the coming months.

Elohim’s Summer Jams Playlist

Ahead of her appearance at Hangout Fest later this month, the electropop songwriter shares 10 tracks she’ll have on repeat in the coming months.

Words: Kim March

Photo: Chase O'Black

May 04, 2023

Festival season 2023 is well underway, and among the lesser-talked-about upcoming events is Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Fest. In addition to a killer lineup boasting sets from exciting names across pop, hip-hop, rock, and dance music including Red Hot Chili Peppers, SZA, Calvin Harris, Paramore, Lil Nas X, Flume, and Skrillex, the fest promises a luxurious vacation weekend in stark contrast to the roughin’-it appeal of fests like Bonnaroo (they also promise such amenities as a full-size roller rink, stageside swimming pools, and plenty of hammocks).

Among this year’s slate of performers is the hard-to-classify electropop songwriter Elohim, who’s coming off her head-turning debut album—last year’s Journey to the Center of Myself (Abridged)—with more new music and the promise of a full-length follow-up already surfacing (last month’s “Breath” single is a promising look at what this next chapter may look like). Slated to play Sunday evening, May 21, at the fest’s Monster Beach Club stage, Elohim’s upbeat oceanside energy will provide the perfect soundtrack to winding down after a full weekend of music.

Leading up to the festival, we asked Elohim to put together a playlist of her favorite summer jams that she’ll have on repeat in the coming months, with everyone from Lil Yachty to The Chemical Brothers featured on the tracklist. Check out the playlist along with her writeups on each song below, and find tickets for Hangout Fest on their website.

Babyxsosa, “Lonely Nights in NY”
Everytime I put on this song it feels like sweet, emotional sad/happy nostalgia. I love the vocal very much—it makes my body feel complicated.

YNW Melly, “772 Love” 
I love playing this song with my windows down driving on PCH. Feeling the warm summer air, wishing someone you love was sitting right next to you. Maybe they are!  

Lil Yachty, “the ride-”
I love the direction Lil Yachty is going on his new album. It’s really interesting to see the different musical choices artists make throughout their careers. Fun fact: I was walking through the parking lot at Coachella a few nights ago at 1 a.m. and I saw Lil Yachty, so I yelled to him “I love your new record!” and in his very Lil Yachty voice he said “Thank you!”

Teezo Touchdown, “Social Cues”
It’s rare that I feel like I could have written the lyrics being sung into my ears (well, I wish I’d written them). But on this song, I felt that! This song perfectly describes how I feel on a daily basis. I love the juxtaposition of the happy-sounding music with the quite serious lyrics. This is an awesome one to belt out in the car. 

Don Toliver, “Do It Right”
OK, this one came on randomly while I was at the gym—I’d never heard it. I proceeded to listen to it on loop for the last mile I ran and it helped me get through my workout! Haven’t stopped listening since. 

The Chemical Brothers, “Star Guitar”
I dunno, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic from Coachella. Sometimes it feels so great to put on music from the past and bask in the glory of it all. I mean, how incredible is it that a song can transport us to an exact time and place, smell and feeling? Sometimes it can be heartbreaking, so be careful. 

OAKK, “Faces” 
Really this one is a vibe for me. The sounds are cool, the feeling is interesting. I just like it and what it does to me. 

This one I found while searching for music to DJ. One of the best parts of learning to DJ has been discovering tons of new music, genres, and artists. Spending hours digging and finding gems like this. Music is totally infinite. 

Rauw Alejandro, “Aquel Nap ZzZz”
I only heard this song for the first time a few months ago, but it instantly gave me that deep nostalgia music has a funny way of blessing me with. Since the first listen, this song did something to me. I don’t ask questions or overanalyze—I really just try to enjoy that moment in time, because you only get that first week of listening to a song once. 

Elohim, “Breath”
I released “Breath” earlier this month. This song feels like my emotional purge part two (“Buckets” being part one). “Breath” makes me feel empowered, free, and honestly cool as F. I hope you enjoy!