LISTEN: Wye Oak Release Their Latest Synth-Folk Single “Logic of Color”

One of Wye Oak’s most pleasant offerings.

Wye Oak have released the latest single “Logic of Color” from their excellent album Shriek, and it’s full of the echoing vocals and synthesizer loops the Baltimore duo are known for.

Lead singer Jenn Wasner refers to “Logic of Color” as “the most straightforward pop song” she and bandmate Andy Stack have made together, but it’s not a simple song—layers of keyboard, percussion, and synth blend together to create a dynamic rhythm to run through the track, a fluctuating undercurrent that flows just below the surface of Wasner’s effervescent vocals. It’s pop without being overwrought with electronic elements and artifice.

“Logic of Color” is probably the easiest track to enjoy off of Shriek, even though it lacks the initial draw of their other tracks like “The Tower” with its thumping keyboard and bass riff. This is one of Wye Oak’s most pleasant offerings, and an accurate sample of the many pleasurable moments Shriek has to offer.

Shriek is out now via Merge Records.


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