Wes Anderson and Prada Design the Bar of Your Dreams

Of course it's in Milan.

It might be hard to believe, but it really does exist now. That ultra-cool bar/café that you daydream about while you’re sitting in a Starbucks wishing you weren’t hearing some woman order a babyccino? Thanks to Fondazione Prada, the high fashion house’s museum and arts center, your wishing days are over.

As part of its new location in Milan, Italy, Fondazione Prada asked Wes Anderson to design a bar for the space. Fortunately, the whimsical writer/director said yes and the results are as fanciful (and detailed) as you can imagine. Bar Luce is as close as you are going to get to being in one of Anderson’s films—even Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are there in pinball form—so make the most of it when you get there. That means no fanny packs and cargo shorts, please.

The lounge takes visitors back in time to the days of classic Milanese cafés with specific nods to the building’s history as a distillery and his past projects with Prada. Of the project making his signature aesthetics into a permanent piece of art, commerce, and culture, Anderson said:

There is no ideal angle for this space. It is for real life, and ought to have numerous good spots for eating, drinking, talking, reading, etc. While I do think it would make a pretty good movie set, I think it would be an even better place to write a movie. I tried to make it a bar I would want to spend my own non-fictional afternoons in.


photo by Atillio Maranzano, courtesy of Fondazione Prada

Bar Luce opens on May 9 and will serve locals and art lovers alike from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

(via Wired)


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