GET OUT!: Every Single Episode of “Seinfeld” Is Coming to Hulu Next Month

It's almost time to hole yourself up in your fake house in the Hamptons

It’s been seventeen years since Seinfeld‘s brilliant series finale aired, but it feels like the show has never left our collective subconscious. Maybe that’s because the same ten reruns have been playing every single night on local TV stations since the show ended. Of course you know those episodes by heart, but haven’t you ever wanted to see more?

There were nine seasons of the show, after all, with a whopping total of one hundred eighty episodes. That’s ninety full hours of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. The neurotic foursome brought us so much joy over the years, it would seem hard to put a price on their collective impact on the world of television, but Hulu seemed to come pretty darn close with its upcoming historic streaming deal.

Yada yada yada, they paid $180 million for the exclusive rights to the entire series. That is one million dollars per episode.

An accurate photo of you after June 24.

An accurate photo of you after June 24.

Starting on Wednesday, June 24, you will be able to watch every single episode of Seinfeld digitally for the first time ever on Hulu. Make sure your answering machine works and you have a big salad, a pack of Jujyfruit, or some pretzels (along with a drink, of course) for sustenance, because in a little over a month, the 2015 Summer of George will be upon us, and it will be spectacular.

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