AKTHESAVIOR & sagun’s “u r not alone” Influences Playlist

The emcee-producer pairing’s debut collaboration drops this Friday via Platoon.

AKTHESAVIOR & sagun’s u r not alone Influences Playlist

The emcee-producer pairing’s debut collaboration drops this Friday via Platoon.

Words: Will Schube

Photo: Rosie Matheson

April 03, 2024

Though AKTHESAVIOR and sagun’s new collaborative LP u r not alone mostly exists inside of the lo-fi, dusty, boom-bap rap the emcee and producer both prefer, there are tons of subtle influences that make this project an expansive, ever-growing universe. With guest features from Mick Jenkins, Azizi Gibson, Jaws of Love (a.k.a. Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer), Pink Siifu, Erick the Architect, and A$AP Twelvyy, it would be easy for the artist-producer duo to tailor their sound to the unique collaborators they bring aboard. Impressively, though, the team conjures up a palette wide enough to incorporate all these pals.

One look at the playlist AK and sagun each individually curated to accompany the release and it’s clear why the album sounds like it does: These two pull influences from everywhere, and blend them into a style all their own. AK cites Sampha, Sade, SAULT, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, among others; sagun big-ups D Savage, BADBADNOTGOOD, indie-folk duo Loving, and more. Check out the full rundown on some of their favorites below, and make sure to check out the artists’ new release when it drops this Friday via Platoon.


Sampha, “Jonathan L. Seagull”
Sampha is one of my all-time favorite artists, so whatever he drops I love. But this one hits differently to me. He has a part in the song where it sounds like a choir is singing together, and when it’s on, it puts me in another zone.

Majid Jordan feat. Naomi Sharon, “Waiting for You…”
Probably my favorite song at the moment. I usually wake up in the morning, roll one up, and put this on repeat. I love the chill vibes of the beat and the ambient voice of Naomi. Her voice reminds me of Sade, another one of my favorite artists.

The Altons, “Soon Enough”
This song gives me a nostalgic vibe; like something I heard in the past, but with its own current vibe. The beat is super chill and the high-pitched vocals sound magical over it. 

Sade, “By Your Side” (The Neptunes Remix)
A super classic—one that will be in my playlist for life. I love The Neptunes and Sade, so this remix is the best of both worlds for me.

Byron Messia, “Talibans”
This has been the anthem for me for about a year now. I have Caribbean roots, so reggae is something that I grew up on and resonate with whenever I hear it. This song is super hypnotizing to me, from the beat to Byron’s fire melodies.

Sault, “Masterpiece”
Every time I play this song it automatically makes my head nod. I love the drum pattern and how the beat makes me feel. They also have some amazing funky vocals on this track that match perfectly with the vibes.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Weekend Run”
Simply beautiful. I love the catchiness of the chorus, but then when it switches up into a faster tempo, it just makes you want to dance.

sagun & Shiloh Dynasty, “I’ll Keep You”
Come on! I can have this song on repeat all day, but the time that it really hits for me is sunset in California driving in a car after dinner. I press play and prepare to be cruising. I love the beat and vocal sample so much that I almost always have to play it again.


Night Tapes, “drifting” 
I am such a big fan of dream pop. This song reminds me of a happy part of life and tells me to enjoy the things I do, rather than worrying about anything and everything. 

Shiro SAGISU, “going home”
This is a soundtrack song featured in an anime show called Bleach. I recently heard it again and all the memories from the past popped up in my head; a true testament to how music can hold so many memories. It makes me want to make music that others can relate to and make a memory out of it. 

Kate Bollinger, “Untitled” 
This song reminds me of the love I have for indie music. The drums and other instruments blend so nicely. 

Loving, “If I Am Only My Thoughts” 
Another indie-folk song, from a band that’s very close to my heart. I would never want to remix any of their music, ’cause it’s so good already and my touch would just make it bad [laughs].

D Savage, “Dirty Dan”
Such a simple beat, but it’s so enjoyable at the same time. It’s a good reminder that not every track needs layers upon layers. Just simple chords with drums can be more than enough to make a great song.

Orion Sun, “Valentine”
This track doesn’t have any drums; only guitar and vocals. I love the simplicity of it, yet [also] how relatable it is. 

BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Samuel T. Herring, “Time Moves Slow”
This one is an influential piece for me in showing how important bass is in music, and how unique the sound can be.

Piero Piccioni, “Mexican Dream”
An instrumental track from the legend himself. It’s a beautiful piece of music from one of the best to ever do it.