Backstage Camera Roll: Water From Your Eyes

The experimental pop group shared behind-the-scenes shots from their free show in Mexico City where they opened for Matador labelmates Interpol to a crowd of over 160,000.
Backstage Camera Roll

Backstage Camera Roll: Water From Your Eyes

The experimental pop group shared behind-the-scenes shots from their free show in Mexico City where they opened for Matador labelmates Interpol to a crowd of over 160,000.

Words: FLOOD Staff

May 09, 2024

When we caught up with Water From Your Eyes last year ahead of the release of their Matador Records debut Everyone’s Crushed, the surreality of sharing a label with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Pavement, and Interpol wasn’t lost on them. “I feel really lucky,” vocalist Rachel Brown shared. “It’s weird, people knowing about it and not [just being] this project that our friends know about. It’s not really DIY anymore.” Bandmate Nate Amos added: “It’s this thing that’s, like, rolling—there’s a sensation of just kind of being along for the ride.”

The project has continued rolling over the past year, culminating in what was by far their biggest show to date opening for Interpol at Mexico City’s Zócalo ceremonial square—in fact, it was also Interpol’s biggest show to date, with an estimated 160,000 guests in attendance at the free event. Rounded out by Al Nardo and Bailey Wollowitz (who also perform together as the duo fantasy of a broken heart), the four-piece took the stage without a hitch after an extended soundcheck, mariachi accompaniment, and probably a few too many cigs. Check out some highlights from the experience as recounted by all four band members below.

Rachel: I wasn’t here for this, but Al’s mom, Deborah (right), and Al’s mom’s fiancé’s cousin, Penny (left), came down on the same flight from LA as Nik, our manager (not pictured). They are both so beautiful.

Al: When I realized they were on the same flight I texted them descriptions of each other. They all ended up carpooling from the airport into the city!

Bailey: Shoutout to Pedro for scooping us from the airport—the hospitality was amazing from the moment we arrived in CDMX. Really grateful to everyone who took such good care of us! 

Nate: Pedro was going to see Madonna after we left—bet that was rad.

Rachel: Soundcheck was weird because there were people already waiting at the front for the show. I think I might have been more nervous because I don’t really put much showmanship into soundchecking, so I didn’t want them to think I was a bad performer. 

Bailey: It was one of the longest soundchecks we've ever done. Totally worth it. We played “Barley,” like, three or four times, and the people in the crowd were equally enthusiastic every time. 

Nate: We didn’t really know what to do with a soundcheck that long—we probably should’ve practice other songs, too. No regrets!

Rachel: I had food poisoning the day before the show, so I was kind of nervous eating in case it made my stomach hurt a bunch—but luckily it didn’t. 

Nate: This is the part of the day I remember most clearly. I was partially hidden in a plant the whole time we ate. There was a saxophone duo covering ABBA.

Al: Nik loved this purple car so much we had to snap a picture. But now you can barely see it….

Rachel: This is right before we played. I was so nervous. If there’s one thing to take away from my commentary it’s that I was feeling nervous.

Nate: Yep, nervous for sure. Once you’re on stage there’s a job to do—waiting to walk up is peak.

Rachel: When I got off stage I immediately got my cigarettes after not smoking for over a month. I hadn’t quit or anything, I just hadn’t smoked. I’m not sure if these photos are from before or after. Most of the night was a blur. But I know I had fun. That’s for sure.

Al: Rachel’s outfit was so awesome!

Rachel: The mariachi band was so good. What a hard act to follow. We should’ve coordinated our outfits. 

Nate: Huge highlight for me. I had no idea about the mariachi band, let alone the Interpol cover they played (twice).

Al: It felt so good on stage. The crowd felt receptive, expectationless, excellent. The monitors were loud, the air was warm.

Nate: Honestly really fun, felt like we just did our thing. Playing always feels a little removed from time, like “Oh yeah, this space.” I tried to lock in and remember as much as I could.

Rachel: Surprisingly, it felt kind of normal on stage. Far more normal than it felt anywhere else. The most surreal part was when everyone was holding up their phone flashlights during our last song. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was such a beautiful surprise. 

Rachel: My stomach felt insane after (see earlier comments regarding food poisoning and smoking a bunch of cigarettes). 

Nate: I drank so much Gatorade.

Rachel: It was so amazing to get to see Interpol play that show. I feel really lucky to have witnessed such a monumental performance. They played my favorite song, “Untitled,” for the first encore song. On our first tour together I asked them if they would play it at one of the last shows and they did, which was so nice of them! Seeing it in this setting felt really magical.

Nate: This part was truly surreal. I doubt I’ll ever hear that many people singing in unison again.

Rachel: This might be before the police escort, which was probably the most memorable experience of the entire night. I’m not exactly a fan of the police in general, but that was really something. 

Rachel: We got to hang out for a bit after the show which was nice. I’m sitting next to Brad, who plays bass for Interpol and is my best friend.

Nate: Garden gathering. Nice to get some time with everyone away from the hubbub.

Rachel: We got some late night tacos, which was such a good decision. 

Rachel: Sorry for all the smoking pictures, I smoked way too many cigarettes that night. I don’t normally smoke more than one a day—if that—but everything felt so insane. I feel like I was recovering for a week. What a crazy experience! Loved it. 

Nate: I was severely tired and wired at this point. The tacos were amazing, the payphone was fun. Grateful for the day.

Al: You know it’s a magical night when you can get the crew to hit a C location. It was a my-life-is-a-movie kind of night!