“Say Anything” TV Spin-Off In The Works; Cameron Crowe Isn’t Happy [UPDATED]

Not so fast, NBC! Plans to revive Say Anything may be thwarted by the film's own director, if he has any...say...in it. UPDATE: It was, he does.

It was revealed this week that 20th Century Fox TV received a script commitment plus penalty from NBC to bring back Say Anything—the 1989 romantic comedy and definitive film for Gen Xers—as a television show. Under the writing direction of Justin Adler (Better Off Ted), the series would pick up ten years after the events of the film, with Dobler dumped and living a less than desirable life. When Court unexpectedly returns home, Dobler makes it his mission to change for the better and win back her affections. Uh, sounds like Grosse Pointe Blank to us.

A recent tweet from the film’s director Cameron Crowe hints that the director is less than thrilled about the attempt:

 Even John Cusack chimed in:

Alongside plans to recreate a number of ’80s films, including Real GeniusProblem Child, and Big, it seems network television is feeling nostalgic. Or is it just laziness? While technically the network can legally move forward with the project, without Crowe’s blessing, it seems unlikely that Say Anything will end up making a comeback after all.

(via Empire x Deadline)

Updated 4:35 p.m. : The AV Club reports via Deadline that Crowe stepped in and the project’s now dead. Get your celebration boomboxes out and raise ’em high.


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