WATCH: Pharrell’s New Video For “Gust of Wind” featuring Daft Punk, Directed By Edgar Wright

Update: Pharrell’s hat appears to be a normal size.

Pharrell Williams continued his plot for world domination this morning, releasing a new video with the help of powerhouse collaborators Daft Punk and Edgar Wright. The video takes place in a forest, with Pharrell performing alongside carefully choreographed dancers and harmonizing with Daft Punk, who appear to be some kind of singing boulders. Think one part “Serpentine Dance” and two parts Lord of the Rings.

Rocks. Robot Rocks.

Rocks. Robot Rocks.

Basically, if you were turned off by the new Mastodon video, “Gust of Wind” is here for you.

This also marks the first Edgar Wright project since he abruptly dropped out of the director’s seat for Marvel’s Ant-Man adaptation earlier this year. Here’s to hoping his foray back into music will lead to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 2.

Watch the video for “Gust of Wind” below:


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