WATCH: Broad City Bangs On With Hiatus Webseries

Ilana and Abbi show us how to turn our household objects into a drum set in the new webisode of "Hack Into Broad City."

While Broad City‘s second season doesn’t premiere until January of 2015, that hasn’t meant that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators and stars of the show, have been lazing around. According to their Twitter account, the clever duo has been busy writing for season two, all whilst providing the mini web series Hack Into Broad City to satiate fans’ appetites.

In their most recent episode, aptly titled “Drum Circle,” Ilana and Abbi tap incessantly on every object within reach while using their preferred method of staying in contact while apart: video chatting. No dialogue exchange necessary for these pizza-loving drummers.

Watch “Drum Circle” below and join in on the percussive fun. Check out the rest of the interim episodes over at Comedy Central.


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