Shots Fired: The Onion Launches “EDGE,” a Webseries Mocking “VICE”

“Uncaged, Unaccountable, Fucked Up”

Despite its tremendous popularity and success, VICE hasn’t proven to be very good at making friends. For what it’s worth, though, The Onion isn’t the type of, let’s say, organization that can be pandered to anyway, which is why it isn’t too surprising to hear that the country’s preeminent fake news outlet is now going after VICE Media—specifically the VICE HBO documentary series—in an upcoming webseries known as EDGE.

Premiering online on August 3, EDGE will broadcast mockumentaries that are four minutes or less in length and will presumably consist of incredibly foul-mouthed reporters yelling at people in war zones, visits to crazy people in the woods—that kind of thing. You know, edgy stuff.

It’s not totally clear how long this project will go on for, but if you want to help contribute to the cause, all “matters of a fucked up nature” can be reported to a polite British woman on the “EDGE Atrocity Tip Line,” which is now up and running.

The actual, real number to call for that, in addition to some initial EDGEisms (“Let’s get fucked on truth,” “We throw acid in the face of ignorance”) can be found on the show’s Twitter, and below you can watch a teaser, which is basically just thirty seconds of people cursing while out of breath.

EDGE airs August 3 as an Onion web series.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)


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