Jesse Pinkman’s Party House from “Breaking Bad” is Up for Sale

Meth sold separately.

As shown by the success of its spinoff series Better Call Saul, a lot of people really loved Vince Gilligan‘s Breaking Bad. And now that a piece of property from the popular AMC show is for sale, we may soon be able to calculate that love in dollars.

The home of Jesse Pinkman—the foul-mouthed, loose cannon meth chef played by Aaron Paul—is up for sale, according to this adorable listing. In the show’s fourth season, Pinkman’s house is the site of basically one long, unending rager. Well, that, and a whole lot of existential depression, deep self-loathing, super intense confrontations, and at least a couple of full-on murders. So, if you want to relive all that, um, fun stuff, the chance is yours!

Interested buyers should know that, as shown in the below video, the interior of the home was actually recreated as a set for a lot of the filming. But the property itself looks pretty nice, so if you want to move to Albuquerque and have a spare $1.6 million, there’s nothing stopping you.

Oh, and as the listing specifies, “Meth lab not included.”

(via Vulture)


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