Soon You Will Be Able to “Meet Vincent van Gogh” in a Virtual, Interdisciplinary Exhibit

Just the way the artist intended.

This past Wednesday marked the one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s death—an event that continues to stir people not only because of the inherent tragedy behind it, but also due to the conspiracy theories attached to it (Could it be…murder?).

For all the intrigue of Van Gogh as a person—not to mention the ongoing issue of how to pronounce his name—his art has had no problem standing on its own as the pride and joy of museums across the world. But as it turns out, famous paintings are really damn expensive to move around. Now, because of that (and since it’s the future), the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is experimenting with a new way to share the life and work of the troubled, but brilliant Dutch painter.

Starting in China next year, the museum will begin touring Meet Vincent van Gogh—an interactive, digital exhibit that will allow visitors to “experience” various aspects of the artist beyond just his work. It’s not totally clear exactly what to expect, but it appears that the exhibit will be a guided tour using facsimiles, letters, and digital tools of scene-setting to communicate a larger vision of what Van Gogh’s life was like.

Could be great, could be terrible, but one thing’s for sure: if there isn’t a hologram of a severed ear, you done messed up, Van Gogh Museum.

(via artnet)


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