Bryan Lee O’Malley Just Released His First Graphic Novel Since “Scott Pilgrim”

Seconds is a time-travelling, mushroom-eating culinary adventure.

If you’re one of those who wore out your copies of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s brilliant Scott Pilgrim series (and perhaps you’ve scuffed up your DVD of Edgar Wright’s equally brilliant movie adaptation to boot), there’s no more need for despair. Seconds, O’Malley’s first graphic novel since Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour wrapped up the series in 2010, is now out in stores and ready to be binge-read at a borderline-unhealthy speed.

O’Malley’s latest follows Katie, a restaurant chef who is blessed/cursed with the ability to turn back time and attempt to fix past mistakes. Though as we’ve learned again and again, this is a very difficult and stressful scenario to be presented with.

If you can find a bookstore (good luck with that), grab a copy, put on some Sex Bob-omb, and find out what happens.



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