PREMIERE: Dour Australian Punks Gold Class “Bite Down” in New Video

Taken from their debut LP, It's You

Charging in on a cloud of guitar and a baseline that sounds like it’s repeating an old argument, Gold Class‘s “Bite Down” feels familiar. There are antecedents to the Melbourne group’s sound—a hit from Jawbreaker’s dark and urgent root, a few drops from Joy Division’s perpetually gathered clouds—but it’s more in the mood of the song than in its distinct elements. Singer Adam Curley sings in a low, rich baritone that he gooses with a little vibrato, making him sound something like a pre-cynicism Morrissey, or maybe like The B-52s’ Fred Schneider had he chosen darkness. Curley’s voice fundamentally changes the view of the band behind him—all of those jagged edges and lashes seem more like the protective spikes on the outer walls of a self-patrolled fort.

“Bite Down” is taken from the band’s full-length debut, It’s You, which was released in September. You can watch the video below, and check out the album’s track list.

It’s You track list

1. FurlongGold-Class
2. Life As A Gun
3. Bite Down
4. Perverts
5. Half Moon Over
6. The Soft Delay
7. Pro Crank
8. Michael
9. Athena
10. Shingles (Stay A While)

It’s You is out now felte.


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