WATCH: Stephen Colbert Saves J. J. Abrams from a Harrison Ford-less “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

“Think about somebody else for once, Harrison Ford!”

With the star-and-droid-studded world premiere done and dusted and the official release date for The Force Awakens only two days away, Star Wars mania has hit a fever pitch. You’ve really got to hand it to J. J. Abrams and his team for creating a brilliant looking sequel that gets the whole rebel alliance back together for another adventure. But, as the Late Show with Stephen Colbert pointed out on last night’s episode, getting every member of the cast to agree to return wasn’t very easy. Abrams had a lot of pressure on him from Disney to make this whole directing thing work and, fortunately, his good friend Stephen Colbert was ready to jump into the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit at a moment’s notice.

Watch Abrams try to convince Harrison Ford to play his iconic “space thing” role again—“I don’t go back, man, I go forward!”—while Colbert gives the finger-pointing performance of his life.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters this Friday.

(via Mashable)


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