WATCH: Head Back in Time with First “11.22.63” Trailer

The television adaptation of Stephen King's recent novel premieres on Presidents Day.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they answer the infamous question of what would you do if you could time travel. Sometimes there is a slight spin on this question—going back and killing baby Hitler seems to be a fan favorite version of this query right now—but the unfathomable fantasy of jumping through different realms of space and time reveals the innermost thoughts of a person. In 2011, legendary author Stephen King released 11/22/63—a thrilling and, naturally, eerie novel that unveiled his time-traveling dreams (or nightmares). King spent nearly nine-hundred pages stopping John F. Kennedy’s assassination through time travel and explored the complications of that space/time meddling. Now, Hulu has picked up a six-episode mini-series based on the novel (and produced by J. J. Abrams) and released its first trailer yesterday.

11.22.63. stars James Franco as the flawed hero Jake Epping, a high school teacher who meets diner owner Al Templeton (Chris Cooper) and becomes involved with a decade-jumping plot to foil the JFK assassination. Just like any good time traveler knows, the biggest fear is affecting your future by changing too much of the past, and Epping’s blossoming love affair with a 1960s girl doesn’t seem like it’s helping the cause…

Check out the tense trailer below.

11.22.63 premieres on Hulu on February 15.

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