WATCH: Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Debut “Gardenia,” Detail New Album on “Colbert”

"That is more clothing than is usually associated with you."

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme appeared on last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to debut “Gardenia,” the lead single from Pop’s Homme-produced new record Post Pop Depression. While Homme’s signature is certainly present (as it always does, his guitar sounds like the light gleaming off of a knife), “Gardenia”‘s shimmer and shake seems to have more in common with The Idiot‘s “Sister Midnight” than, say, “No One Knows.”

The pair also sat down with Colbert to talk about the making of the record—including the very salient detail that Iggy likes to saunter around the house in a kimono in the morning. Fire up your imagination and watch both clips below.


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