WATCH: Sterling Is Selleck in the “Magnum P.I.”–Inspired “Archer” Promo

Season seven premieres March 31 on FX.

Perhaps inspired by Always Sunny’s recent ski-movie parody trailer, the great people behind Archer have decided to hype the upcoming seventh season in the most logical way possible: by recutting the Magnum P.I. intro shot-for-shot with Sterling and the gang.

Archer, who appears to be more of a book person behind closed doors, is a natural at channeling Tom Selleck, of course, but mostly just because of that sweet ’stache. If you’re not sure which Magnum you prefer, however, you’re invited to take a look at both the original and the parody doubled together.

Season seven of Archer premieres March 31 on FX.

(via UPROXX)


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