WATCH: Drake’s Acting Chops Return in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

"I love changes."

It’s no secret that giant corporations try to grab hold to something hip and use it to make them more money. Just see how brands are continuously misusing the phrase “Netflix & Chill” and call that “Exhibit A.” It’s also no secret that Drake was a pretty successful actor in Canada, and is now a very popular entertainer who had one of the biggest hits (complete with a meme-worthy music video) of 2015. T-Mobile, being the proactive brand that they are, saw this opportunity for cultural relevance and grabbed it right by the horns.

And while the idea of a “Hotline Bling” cellphone commercial might make you want to gorge your own eyes out, the results are pretty amusing thanks to Drake’s somehow infinite supply of charm…and his turtleneck.

Drake’s toothy grin will on televisions all over America on Super Bowl Sunday.

(via Pitchfork)


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