WATCH: Beyoncé Drops a Powerful New Song and Video for “Formation”

One day before she wins the Super Bowl...again.

“Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess” are the first words that Beyoncé sings in “Formation”—a brand-new song that she released this morning with absolutely no warning. Even though the new track was a surprise, it’s not surprising that Queen Bey’s first release since 2014 is a banger with poignant lyrics about empowerment, self-worth, and appreciating your roots. Musically, “Formation” follows the thread of Beyoncé’s previous stand-alone single “7/11” with a hypnotic beat and slightly auto-tuned steady vocal flow.

Along with the track, the singer unveiled a gorgeous new music video that takes place in New Orleans and takes on issues like Black Lives Matter and the lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina head on with vivid imagery. Check out the ingenious video below and make sure to watch Beyoncé perform with Coldplay during the Super Bowl’s halftime show tomorrow.


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