WATCH: The Full Trailer for “Fuller House” Is Drenched in “Full House” Nostalgia

"Damn, we all still look good."

Last time we checked in on the Tanner family, they were all having a considerable amount of trouble opening the front door to Danny’s (Bob Saget) house. Now, thanks to Ellen, there’s a new—dare we say fuller?—trailer for the Netflix reboot of Full House that actually shows us the family interacting with each other. And, by interacting, we definitely mean spouting out every beloved catchphrase that the ’90s show had to offer.

The fresh trailer for Fuller House comes in at the 2:27 minute mark on the video below, in which we learn that D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) has to raise her three boys alone because she was recently widowed (Steve?). If you liked Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber), then you’ll be very pleased with her amount of screen time in this clip, but if  you didn’t love her sassy (read: annoying) antics, you might just want to skip it…

The entire first season of Fuller House will be available on Netflix starting on February 26.

(via Rolling Stone)


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