LISTEN: Sun Kil Moon Releases a New EP (Not Really)

The parody release features such soon-to-be Mark Kozelek classics as “I Watched the Movie The Revenant with Leo DiCaprio” and “Fields of Marigold.”

If there was ever anyone in indie rock who has successfully blurred the line between earnestness and self-parody with some regularity, it’s Mark Kozelek—a.k.a. Sun Kil Moon. Say what you want about the dude, but he certainly does have a sense of humor, which is why it wouldn’t be hard to believe that he might appreciate the satirical stylings of one “Morgan,” who released a stupendous EP as Sun Kil Moon on Bandcamp today.

Dubbed Under the Canopy, the three-song flamenco epic has everything that you could ever want from a Kozelek experience, including—but not limited to—thoughts on recently deceased public figures, double-tracked vocal parts listing the day’s meals, and phone calls with Jim. Sure beats the hell out of that Beach House parody.

(via Stereogum)


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