So Pitted, “neo”

SoPitted_R4_DraftsSo Pitted

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Sub Pop 100, a compilation featuring Sonic Youth and Scratch Acid that set the stage for experimental noise-rock bands in the Pacific Northwest. So Pitted would have fit comfortably on that collection. Up until recently, it wasn’t as common to find a Sub Pop band—more art project, really, in this case—opting for cacophony instead of melody, chaos instead of order. But now, with neo, So Pitted join Deaf Wish and Strange Wilds in a suddenly abrasive sector of the label’s otherwise highly listenable roster. neo could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to how young bands are expected to bring something new to the table. So Pitted pulls the cloth off the table, but instead of trying to execute a magic trick, the band gleefully lets all the dishes crash to the floor. What is a “band”? What is a “song”? The freshly opened So Pitted seek to answer those questions all over again, for the first time.


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