David Attenborough to Strike Back in “Planet Earth” Sequel “Planet Earth II”

Subtitled “The Search for More Money,” the 4K UHD–series will air via the BBC sometime this year.

Consider this your daily reminder we’re on an ever-spinning rock in a black abyss of space and time, but Planet Earth originally aired ten years ago. The revolutionary documentary series was the most expensive, ambitious, and influential project of its kind when it came out, so it should be no surprise whatsoever that the BBC is going to try and replicate that success.

Formally announced today, the strangely literal-sounding Planet Earth II will arrive sometime in 2016, and will feature Sir David Attenborough, seventy-nine-years young, in a reprisal of his narrative responsibilities from the first series. Of course, you might remember that the American version was robbed of his stylings by Sigourney Weaver—who, if she’s not busy in the Avatar dimension, could potentially do so again here. Standby to be disappointed on that one.

Details are still brief about the project, but it’s been reported to consist of six hour-long episodes, and to have been shot in 4K UHD using new filming technologies such as drones and camera stabilization. Content-wise—you guessed it—the show will be more excursions to the most exotic and baffling locations in the world.

It remains to be seen if the world will still exist for a Planet Earth III.

Planet Earth II will air sometime in 2016 via the BBC.

(via WIRED)


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