WATCH: Diplo Tours Cuba with “The Homie” Charlie Rose

The unlikely duo hung out together for a “CBS This Morning” segment about the free Major Lazer concert that went down in Havana over the weekend.

When Charlie Rose was born in 1942, it was still seventeen years until Fidel Castro would lead his coup and take over the Cuban capital. In other words, he’s seen a lot in his time as a journalist. And now that we’ve entered into a President Obama–administered era of semi-open diplomacy, you better believe that he’s watching the country carefully.

Yesterday, a segment from “CBS This Morning” aired that followed Charlie Rose in a trip to Cuba…to catch a Major Lazer concert and interview Diplo. Yes, the seventy-four-year-old cruised around in a convertible and reported on an EDM story. Take that, youth.

The concert itself, which was free to the public and went down outside the US Embassy, is the beginning of what appears to be a welcome occurrence down there. In a few weeks, The Rolling Stones will play a concert of their own. No word if Rose is “homies” with them, too.

You can watch the whole segment over at CBS.

(via Pitchfork)


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