PREMIERE: Nassau Invite you to “Wake the Dead”

The New York duo go hypnotic.

Though Jeffrey Silverstein and Justin Wilcox, who record under the name Nassau, are ostensibly a folk duo, their single “Wake the Dead” is a deceptively complex intertwining of sounds. Wilcox’s sleepy-eyed vocal recalls Kurt Vile at his early best, while Silverstein’s looping guitar lines braid into one another and around a loping backbeat. Peals of lap steel seem to shake the vocal, waking Wilcox’s melody into a bright-eyed chorus, while the steel itself takes the time to moan over the track in a kind of wounded dance. It’s a brief, hypnotic track, and if it’s not loud enough to wake the actual dead, it’ll at least leave you with a shiver.

“Wake the Dead” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming EP Hoss, which will be out this spring. Give it a listen below.

Hoss track list

“Wake the Dead”Nassau-Hoss-For-Web
“White Gold”
“Desert Blues”
“New Year”







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