“Björk: Biophilia Live” Is Screening Throughout The U.S. This Fall

There’s no question that anything Björk is involved with is a whimsical spectacle. Her avant-garde costumes, theatrical performances, and ethereal audiovisual shows entirely captivate the attention of her audiences. With her 2011 full-length Biophilia, Björk pushed the boundaries of her music, and crafted it into an innovative fusion of sound, visuals, art, and technology. Biophilia is more than just an album; it’s an interactive experience.

The Icelandic songstress released Biophilia through a series of apps that featured graphics and games for listeners to relate to the music. The live shows that followed the LP’s release were ambitious multimedia productions which included a 24-piece Icelandic women’s choir, an orchestra of custom-made instruments, and some stunning nature visuals. It truly was a “multi-disciplinary, multimedia exploration of the intersection of music, nature and technology.” Now, we get to see these moments on cinematic screens through the upcoming documentary, Björk: Biophilia Live.

Directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland sought to capture the drama and emotion that Björk conjures within each of her tracks. Through additional animation and visuals, they enhance the themes and moods of that live show for the film. The result will finally hit screenings theaters across the U.S. starting on September 26 in New York, and expanding to more cities throughout the fall.

Check out the cities and dates for the upcoming screenings on the film’s website.


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