Bayonne, “Primitives”


Two years ago, Roger Sellers released an album entitled Primitives. This year, the multi-instrumentalist is re-releasing the album via Mom + Pop under his new moniker, Bayonne—named after the street he grew up on in Spring, Texas. The newly packaged album is nearly identical (internally) to the original LP, except for two additional bonus tracks, “Hammond” and “Sincere.”

The reissued package is undoubtedly catchy, minimalist, and percussive—all hallmarks of Sellers’ obvious influences: Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Animal Collective. His songs are buoyant and otherworldly, as in the case of “Spectrolite,” and gently layered, as with the slow-building song “Lates.” They drip with various organic and sampled instruments, aqueous textures, and weighty melodies. Often built out of only one or two phrases, each track has something hypnotic at its core, reinforcing the adage that there is beauty in simplicity. 


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