WATCH: Ariel Pink Performs “pom pom” Tracks With New York City’s P.S. 22 Chorus

Little girl: "When you're dead, they should call you a legend."

In a glorious turn of events, Ariel Pink has taken his talents to the school auditorium of New York City’s P.S. 22, where he performs his forthcoming pom pom cuts, “Jell-o” and “Picture Me Gone,” with accompaniment from the fifth grade chorus. Following each performance is a Q&A session with the kids, who manage to raise some rather insightful questions.

Who should the youth of America listen to? Ariel Pink.

What foods should they eat? Lettuce.

Avoid? White bread.

We also learn that hard photographs are going the way of the dinosaurs, and that Pink is trying to make his song into a real Jell-O jingle, despite the indigestion it causes him.

Feast on the videos for both performances below. pom pom is out on November 18.


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