LISTEN: Drift into a Memory with Parquet Courts on the New Track “Human Performance”

The band’s fifth album (approximately) is out this Friday, April 8, on Rough Trade.

So far, the music on Parquet Courts’ latest, Human Performance, is a somewhat distinct departure from the textures and emotions of their previous work…particularly when compared to their first release on Rough Trade—the Monastic Living EP. That latter release was extremely experimental, pushing the limits on not just music, but also expectations, which is why it was rather surprising to find out that their new tracks—“Dust” and “Berlin Got Blurry,” to start—were recorded at the same time.

Opposites attract, so they say, and do they ever on this last single before the album release on Friday—the title track “Human Performance.” It’s still Parquet Courts, however you want to listen to it, but as far approach goes, this is pretty out there for them. Careful organ parts, reverbed vocals, hyper-emotional lyrics… Seems to be a new frontier.

Human Performance is out April 8 via Rough Trade.


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