PREMIERE: Cash Rules Everything Around Sir the Baptist in “Creflo Dollar” for Original Tracks

It's the second installment of our new video series with Original Penguin.

Back in March, Sir the Baptist and his six-piece gospel choir rolled into Austin’s Péché. It was early in the morning of the second day of FLOODfest, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t already a little bleary eyed. But the Chicago rapper, singer, and practitioner of the ghetto gospel took us to church, regaling us with heavily improvised takes on a pair of cuts from his upcoming debut album, Preacher’s Kid.

It’s the second installment in our new Original Tracks video series. We’re teaming up with Original Penguin to showcase some of the best and brightest new stars in the music world with intimate performances. Last week, Penguin debuted Sir the Baptist and his choir performing “Raise Hell,” and today we’re thrilled to be presenting their rave-up version of “Creflo Dollar.” Check it out below.


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