PREMIERE: The Meditative Metal of True Widow’s “FWTS:LTM” Gets an Equally Aching Video

The Dallas "stonegaze" trio released their latest album AVVOLGERE via Relapse last month.

Dallas: it’s not a pretty place. It lacks the alt-cachet of Austin, the heritage of San Antonio, the swampy cosmopolitanism of Houston, the hokum of Fort Worth. It is a city of money, which means that it’s a city of very tall buildings and clean downtown streets and an easily navigable highway system. It is, in other words, a city whose long sunsets keep the heat on a certain kind of slow-burning malaise.

It’s a feeling that’s captured in “FWTS:LTM” from Dallas’s True Widow. The band’s been around for a bit, tempering shoegaze textures and slowcore dynamics with deserty, cottonmouthed tones for a sound they call “stonegaze.” The trio signed to Relapse for 2013’s Circumambulation, and earlier this year the metal label released AVVOLGERE, that album’s followup. The video for “FWTS:LTM,” which we’re premiering this morning, rolls out at a slow, pained pace that matches the song itself—it’s beautiful at times, mundane at others, and it’s haunted at every turn by an unnamed but deeply present sense of loss. Check it out below.

AVVOLGERE is out now via Relapse.


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