PREMIERE: In “Hatikva: The Next Generation,” Solilians’s Droning Dub is Shot Through with Bright Light

The band will release Shin on November 18.

The members of Solilians split their time between Maryland and Long Island, two places that are home to a whole hell of a lot of people that nevertheless live in the country’s political and cultural capitals. In very real ways, both places are marginal, but when you’re not in the spotlight, you can do whatever you want.

At least, that’s the spirit in which the band works. Their music combines the hoovering frequencies of drone and the splashy drums of dub with singer Sharon Mallkin’s high, breathy voice. As exhibited on “Hatikva: The Next Generation,” whose video we’re premiering today, it’s a strange and discomfiting sound; the song, which is named for Israel’s national anthem, finds the sweetness of Malkin’s voice curdling until it feels like a taunt. Still, as the band turn slowly, a different light emerges, and for just a moment, it’s pretty enough to keep you from looking away. Check out the video below.


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