PREMIERE: Boone Howard Invites You to “Eat It Dog” in New Video

The onetime sound guy for Portugal. The Man has a sound of his own.

Boone Howard moved to Portland from the very small and remote town of Talkeetna, Alaska, two hours north of Anchorage, for what he’s called “not like any clear reason.” Despite coming in with all the purpose of a snowdrift, he became a fixture on the local scene, doing a little sound work at the legendary Mississippi Studios, booking a venue, and gigging around with his band The We Shared Milk.

Howard broke up the band to get back to his songwriting roots, and he subsequently put together another band comprised of Portland locals to help him record it. The results aren’t necessarily what you’d expect when you hear the phrase “another band comprised of Portland locals”; Howard’s a legitimate songwriter in the Harry Nilsson vein, filtering wry and boozy sadness through elegantly constructed garage rock. “I just remembered that I’m drunk still,” he sings in “Eat It Dog,” the video for which we’re premiering today, “but I spit in the face of a dollar bill.”

Check out the “Eat It Dog” clip below, then head over to his fully licensed website for more info.


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