PREMIERE: Juans Unite in the Juan Wauters–Directed Video for Tall Juan’s “I Wish I Knew”

Olden Goldies is out May 5 via BUFU.

Tall Juan is often named in relation to Mac DeMarco (Mac produced his debut 2015 EP Why Not?), but the more accurate reference point would actually be his friend and former Beets bandmate Juan Wauters. Together, the two Juans make for an all-star representation of what’s keeping the New York City underground scene thriving right now—that is, thriving in a relative sense given the rent crisis and recent swath in unemployment caused by Girls coming to an end. You can think of the duo as a sort of modern Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell from Television; the band that brought them together appears to have run its course, and now both have branched out on their own, exploring solo careers that are parallel to each other’s but distinct in their own scuzzy ways.  

That said, there’s no bad blood between the two, clearly, given that Wauters has directed the video for “I Wish I Knew,” the third single from Tall Juan’s upcoming full-length debut Olden Goldies (following “Getting Cold” and “Baby”). It’s a manic, bouncing video to suit a manic, bouncing song—and it features a cameo from a raccoon and a plate of baked beans. If that doesn’t get you close all the Girls thinkpieces in your browser and watch, I don’t know what will.

You can check out that video below, and if you happen to be at Coachella today, Tall Juan goes on at 1:40 p.m. on the Sonora Stage (he’s one of our acts to not miss at this year’s festival).


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