WATCH: Marion Cotillard’s Music Video (Dior Ad?) for “Snapshot in LA”

Brace yourself for dance moves that reach Michael Jordan–levels of impossibility.

Leave it to actress, model, singer-songwriter, and activist Marion Cotillard (quintuple-threat, anyone?) to create a piece of media that defies both genre and, um, gravity. The multi-faceted frenchwoman has teamed up with Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount and Villaine for a new song called “Snapshot in LA.” The video, directed by Cotillard herself, along with Eliott Bliss, features Cotillard prancing about a mansion in the mountains of LA, skipping across water, and, of course, sporting the Dior autumn/winter ’14 collection.

While there are more than a few hints that this video is actually an ad for Lady Dior, and wasn’t just made for the love of special effects, nice weather, and beautiful clothing, it doesn’t make us love the new song by Cotillard any less. Her smoky, yet delicate voice floats above the slow jam beats and playful synth lines. Could this be the beginning of a new chapter in the Academy Award–winning actress? Check out the video piece via i-D below.


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