PREMIERE: Yawners Remember When Grunge Was Good on “Please, Please, Please”

Madrid kids invoke memories of The Breeders, Sonic Youth, and all that was right with ’90s guitar rock.

Cranking up Yawners epic new single, “Please, Please, Please,” will hurtle you back in time to an era when Sonic Youth was breaking into the mainstream with Goo, when Singles was playing at the local movie multiplex, and when The Breeders were still putting together Last Splash.

Sing-song melodies, yearning vocals, and a genuine sense of urgency propel the track, which is not the product of some suburban American enclave, but rather the streets of Madrid, Spain.

The group is a duo, Elena Nieto and Martin Muñoz, whose actual reference points are more twenty-first century and of the emo variety: The Get Up Kids, American Football, and Tigers Jaw.

“Please, Please, Please” is the first salvo from the pair’s forthcoming debut, the appropriately titled Just Calm Down, set for release March 22 on La Castanya Records.

Yawners will bring their rollicking retro rock sound to America next month for SXSW. Check out “Please, Please, Please” below and get excited.


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