PREMIERE: Pablo Dylan Says Goodbye to the Past on “The Finest Somersault”

The singer-songwriter charges ahead with ramshackle feel-good folk rock. Yes, he's related. 

Pablo Dylan is all about the future.

Despite his last name, Dylan is not here to ride on past glories. Case in point: “The Finest Somersault,” the title track from his new EP that debuts tomorrow (February 8).

The rollicking folk-rock track pulses with youthful energy, with ramshackle guitars and slurred vocals cutting through the maelstrom.

“It’s a proclamation that the old world is dead and that a new world shall soon replace it. And I figured I would address that old world one last time,” young Dylan explained via email. “For far too long our culture has been defined by such triviality, and for the EP I wanted to make a group of songs that stood to reality rather than the notion of what we want to be or do.”

The song arrives with an appropriately lo-fi video that captures the angst and the energy of the music.

Watch the premiere of “The Finest Somersault” below.


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