PLAYLIST: Nanami Ozone Break Down Their Influences on “NO”

Prior to releasing their sophomore record, the Phoenix noise pop band walked us through the thirteen tracks that inspired it.

There are certain artists who make you want to put on noise-cancelling headphones and zone out for forty minutes or so, doing nothing but taking in their music, scrutinizing details, and feeling every lyric. And then there are certain other artists who make you realize you need to get the band back together and put out your own music that’ll grant your audience a similarly spiritual experience.

Such were the origins of NO, the forthcoming sophomore album from Phoenix’s Nanami Ozone, their first full-length release for North Carolina indie label Tiny Engines. With vocal duties shared by Sophie Opich and Colson Miller, the grunge-indebted dream pop four-piece recreated all the high points from their 2016 debut and the interim Make It All Right EP under the influence of fellow Tiny-Engineers The Spirit of the Beehive’s earnest sludge and the raw lyrical vulnerability of their Southwestern peer Cass McCombs.

As much an homage to the trailblazing artists who helped bring NO together as a contextualization of the LP’s fluctuating energy, the band listed off the thirteen tracks that most informed their new direction. “These are all songs that were on repeat for us while we were writing NO,” the band notes. “We listened to them over and over and over. Got real into all the vibes and tones of these tracks and were inspired to make a new album of our own.”

NO is out this Friday, March 15, via Tiny Engines.

Palehound, “Cushioned Caging”

Was really excited by the guitar on this album. Super cool tones, riffs, and all of it is so catchy and memorable.

Ovlov, “Where’s My Dini?”

A perfect way to mix heavy with melodic. Simple and straightforward in the smartest ways.

Amen Dunes, “Lonely Richard”

Spent quite a bit of time driving in the car, listening to this song, thinking how to make feelings turn into guitar sounds.

The Spirit of the Beehive, “Natural Devotion”

Feels so cool that we’re now labelmates with a band we’d already loved before connecting with Tiny Engines. Sludgy without being cheesy. Lovely without being obvious.

Eric’s Trip, “View Master”

Wish we had written this song. Some of the most endearing harmonies and guitar play. We covered this track on our last tour a ton and even recorded our version during our studio sessions for the next album.

Flight Habit, “Spit Shine”

The 2:03 mark is absolutely it.

Angel Olsen, “Shut Up Kiss Me”

Sophie and Colson watched this music video a thousand times.

Cass McCombs, “If You Loved Me Before…”

Cass McCombs hurts.

So Pitted, “feed me”

Spent a full lifetime trying to figure out Jeannine’s guitar tone. Colson played a baritone on a couple songs on this record ’cause we were so inspired by how dark her sound is.

Sonic Youth, “Incinerate”

We could have picked a bunch of different Sonic Youth songs, but we’ve listened to every live, demo, and studio version of this song we could find. So this one felt most appropriate.

Maneka feat. Katie Capri, “Dracula”

This track feels so new and fresh, but somehow classic as well.

Horse Jumper of Love, “Spaceman”

“I talk with your teeth / Kiss you through my shirt / Spaceman feels good.”

Pentagraham Crackers, “40 oz. of Blues”

Every song on this record is a heartbreaker. It’s a go-to for each of us no matter the moment. Excellent songs front to back. Killer lyrics and energy.


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