Venice Beach Celebrates 4/20 with “Buds on Rose”

It will be a mash-up of an old-fashioned block party, a treasure hunt, and a pub crawl—only with lots of weed.

It’s that time of year again. This Saturday is April 20, better known as 4/20, a.k.a. marijuana Christmas.

While the actual source of the 4/2o legend is murky, what’s crystal clear here in the legalized land of California is that the day will be aggressively celebrated all up and down the West Coast.

In Southern California, Venice Beach will be the setting for Buds on Rose, which is described as a mash-up of an old-fashioned block party, a treasure hunt, and a pub crawl. Starting with a noon check-in at a secret spot, party people can get laced with a map and a list of participating locations offering special deals and programming throughout the day.

Along the way, participants may indulge in everything from free CBD drinks, to tacos, pre-rolled joints, and more. Full details won’t be divulged until the day of, but expect lots of 4/20 fun stuff to make the day extra memorable. Those who stop at every spot on the map will be entered to win a massive goodie bag grand prize. See some of the participating sponsors below.

“We believe cannabis should be a social experience. Growing up, weed was always a time to hang with your buddies, have fun and laugh,” explains Oliver Higgins, founder of cannabis brand Higgs. “Higgs invites you to come spend an afternoon with your Buds on Rose, a ‘joint celebration’ encouraging people to laugh, create, share, and fall in love.”

If you’re going to be in Southern California for 4/20 and want to partake in the Buds on Rose party, get details here.


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