PREMIERE: Philary Embraces the Legacy of Grunge on “Smells Like Mean Spirit”

The brief track is the first single from Pile bassist Alex Molini’s debut LP.

Turns out when he’s not touring or recording with Pile, Stove, or Jackal Onassis on any number of instruments, Alex Molini is churning out equally aggressive tunes under the solo moniker Philary. In fact even now, as he is touring with Pile, the multi-instrumentalist is gearing up to release his first full-length.

After announcing the impending release of I Complain on—who else—Exploding in Sound Records, Molini is sharing the first cut from the LP, a ninety-second nod to Nirvana. Entirely more punishing than the ultimate anthem for a decade of apathy, the caustically heavy “Smells Like Mean Spirit” instead addresses a specific form of damaging antisocial behavior under a bass riff ripped from the depths of sludge metal’s finest.

“It’s about trying to interject your own needs into a conversation,” Molini explains, “and rather than achieving any sort of relatability, the person you’re talking to feels isolated and pushed aside. Which leads to feeling like a big dummy for justifying acting like a selfish fool in the name of asking for emotional support. I chose the specific title to aggressively convey the level of stupidity felt from a situation like this.”

I Complain drops June 28 on Exploding in Sound. You can pre-order it here.


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