PREMIERE: Light FM Enlists The Donnas’ Brett Anderson for “Dreamerz”

Josiah Mazzaschi’s bedroom pop project celebrates twenty years with another single.

Even if you don’t know him by name, you’ve likely heard Josiah Mazzaschi’s music—if not from his passion project Light FM, then from his work producing Built to Spill and The Jesus and Mary Chain. The former artistic outlet is celebrating twenty years of existence in 2019, sharing the joy by dropping a new EP titled Tourist, set for release this Friday.

Before Mazzaschi shares the full project with the world, though, he’s giving us a second sneak preview with the buzzing three-minute single “Dreamerz,” which notably features Donnas vocalist Brett Anderson—a voice we haven’t heard in a while. “I’ve known Josiah for several years, and always loved his musical range and aesthetic,” she explains of the collaboration. “Working with Josiah was exciting because we experimented with some more synthetic elements, and somehow he can create sounds out of the ether that are as raw and visceral as a live band! We went into the studio and started putting together ideas and pieces, talking about songs that motivate us and what sounds good in the car, on the radio, in a dive bar, and in a stadium.”

“Brett and I got together to write a song, and at the time there were large fires surrounding Los Angeles,” Mazzaschi adds. “It was a very hot day and all you could smell was smoke in the air. Trump was just nominated President and it seemed like the end of the world. We both agreed that making art and embracing a more positive outlook was what this world needs. The line ‘We are the dreamers forever and ever’ came up and we thought that was a nice sentiment in times when things seemed kinda dark.”

Anderson concludes, “I hope when people hear this song it gives them a push, lyrically and musically, like the songs that always moved us. It’s meant to be played loud, but it could also be very effective if played secret-service style on one strategically placed earbud at a meeting, in class, or some other serious place where they don’t necessarily get what it’s like to be a dreamer.”

Tourist is out this Friday, November 15, and you can pre-order it here.


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