St. Vincent Can Kick Your Ass at “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

She’ll probably whip you on the hiking trail in her new line of athleisure, too.

St. Vincent has been exceedingly busy in public lately—but it turns out she’s been putting in work behind the scenes, too. When a role in the film The Nowhere Inn (which she co-wrote and starred in) called for her character to play a video game, she became quite the expert on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, thanks to an on-set Nintendo Switch console.

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According to a video interview with Variety, she admits to being “obsessed” with the game, relating that she’s probably put in a good three hundred hours playing the latest Zelda. It got to the point that she would hold up production because she was so engrossed.

Like any true workaholic, the woman known to her friends as Annie Clark doesn’t sit in any one place for very long. As such, she’s also collaborated with workout clothing company Outdoor Voices on her own branded line of athletic wear, better known as “athleisure.”

The collection, dubbed STV.OV, is divided into three categories—form, focus, and function—and ranges from a reversible bralette to a trench coat.

See the complete line here, and watch a trailer for it below.


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