PREMIERE: Julia Bhatt Pens an Ode to the Magic City on “Miami”

The latest in her line of vibrant singles incorporates a wide variety of influences, from The Strokes to Fela Kuti.

Although she was born in Boston, the influence of her adopted home of Miami is entirely evident in the slew of colorful singles songwriter Julia Bhatt has shared recently. The latest wears this influence most confidently on the appendage of its Tommy Bahama—in fact, the track itself is called “Miami.”

“People in Miami tend to be in a hurry, often easily inconvenienced, but the scenery is so calming and beautiful,” Bhatt shares of the inspiration for the recording. “The juxtaposition of the soft background and the harsh inhabitants is just interesting to me. Of course, there are many people who are super chill, but you know, this song isn’t about them.”

“Miami” is significantly more “soft background” than “harsh inhabitants,” as the artist concocts a vibrantly tropical soundscape alongside producer Elliot Jacobson (who’s also worked with Ingrid Michaelson). “Me and Elliot got to be really creative with the music in this one. The influences span from The Strokes to Fela Kuti, but also just a lot of trial and error. I just think it’s fun to listen to.”

Check out the single below, or stream it here.


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