Jessica Pratt, “On Your Own Love Again”

Jessica-Pratt_On-Your-Own-Love-Again-coverJessica Pratt
On Your Own Love Again

Jessica Pratt’s self-titled 2012 debut was an album of small, transformative moments. The sparse voice-and-guitar home production is continued for the most part on her second effort, On Your Own Love Again. The lo-fi home recordings are multi-tracked into ghostly reveries, especially on the warm and textured “Game That I Play.” Purposeful recording imperfections also make this a wholly enchanting listening experience. Tape warble and alternating vocal speeds on “Jacquelyn in the Background” give Love Again a wraithlike atmosphere, and the soft organ on “Wrong Hand” circles around the guitar melody like dust falling from a windowsill. Karen Dalton, Linda Perhacs, and Nico are often mentioned in the same breath as Jessica Pratt. Although those artists were touchstones for listeners trying to describe her first release, this new set of recordings sees her traveling further down her own special kind of rabbit hole.


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