PREMIERE: 2nd Generation Wu Taps Method Man for “New Generation” Remix

Offspring of hip-hop giants Wu-Tang Clan offer up a new version of their recent single.

It’s no coincidence that the duo of iNTeLL and PXWER—who together form the rap group 2nd Generation Wu—sound a few decades removed from the innovative verses of their pioneering hip-hop namesake. The former is the son of Wu-Tang Clan member U-God, while the latter’s father is none other than Method Man. The group turned heads last year with their debut single “7.O.D.” and proved earlier this year that they had plenty more to say with the release of the smooth, wordy follow-up single “New Generation.”

Today the duo are sharing a reworking of the single that features a special guest: Method Man steps in to throw down on an additional verse. “As soon as the video was finished, the next day I was over at my aunt’s house chillin’,” shares iNTeLL of the collaboration’s origins. “Mef walks in and goes, ‘Let me hear what y’all got.’ So I played him the album so far, and when he heard ‘New Generation’ he was like, ‘That one.’” 

Addressing the faux-rotoscope lyric video, he continues: “After receiving his fiery verse I was then faced with the challenge of how to get him seamlessly into the video on the time crunch we had. Luckily enough when it was time to edit everything just started to come together. We were determined to push forward with or without the support from the OGs, but now that me and PXWER have the full support of so far our own fathers I think it’s only a matter of time before the Wu-Tang Clan embraces 2nd Generation Wu.”


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