Robyn Kicks Off #OnMyOwn TikTok Dance Challenge

The Swedish pop star finally gives us a good reason to download TikTok.

OK, fine. Those of us still holding out on downloading TikTok now have a good reason to finally engage with the social media platform of the moment. Swedish pop icon Robyn has launched the #OnMyOwn challenge, asking fans who are sheltering in place to get up and get busy.

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“I know we’re all staying home and safe right now,” the singer said in a post announcing the challenge named after her 2010 single “Dancing on My Own,” which has more than fifty-five million views on YouTube. “But at least we’re doing it together.”

While the challenge is just getting started today, the responses are already rolling in—here’s one direct from the frontlines of the pandemic. “You’re not alone,” she adds, “and you can join me on the #onmyown hashtag. I wanna see what you’re getting up to!” See her post below.


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