PREMIERE: Rett Smith Bites Back with “Rattlesnakes”

The new song from the Texas native explores the darker side of Americana.

Rett Smith is putting all of his cards on the table with his new song, “Rattlesnakes.” The dark, melancholic track digs into the gothic heart of Americana, with Smith coming clean lyrically about the emotions that drive people to do what they do in romantic relationships.

“Although in all my songs I’m creating characters and writing fictitiously, it’s impossible to avoid your own experience coming through,” he reveals. “In ‘Rattlesnakes,’ this seems to be proven more than just about any other song on the record.”

“Rattlesnakes” is the latest sound from Giving Up on Quitting, Smith’s upcoming full-length studio out this Friday. “The scenario laid out consists of a failing relationship, which is consistent throughout the record, but this song hits the nail directly on the head.  It’s an admission of self that one hopes brings the other in closer, creating a scenario where a person would sacrifice all possible if that’s what the other wanted. It’s not exactly the healthiest approach, but I feel we all recognize those extremes within ourselves.”

Listen to “Rattlesnakes” below.


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