Left at London Considers How Things Are Getting Better on New Single “T-Shirt”

The indie-pop artist has a new album out September 25.

Nat Puff, the mastermind behind Left at London, is frank. She’s frank about shitty people in her most popular acoustic ballad “I DONT TRUST U ANYMORE,” and she’s frank about her struggles in her newest single, “T-Shirt.” It comes from her forthcoming album Transgender Street Legend Vol. 2.

“’T-Shirt’ was a song I wrote part of in high school before I transitioned,” Puff says of the song. “Specifically the line ‘If I were 12 years old again / And I had all the money in the world / I’d buy me a pool pass / And drown myself in a T-shirt.’ I had the idea for the chords and the type of feeling I wanted to convey that whole time, and it wasn’t until recently I was able to recreate that for the purpose of having other people listen to it. It’s about suicidal ideation, and how things are technically getting better in theory, despite the ideation getting worse and worse. The single cover is in fact me pre-transition at age 12, walking on the beach, like the chorus suggests.”

Transgender Street Legend Vol. 2 is out September 25, and it grapples with heartbreak, mental health, trauma, and identity. It’s available for pre-order here. Listen to “T-shirt” below.


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